I Specialize In Cuckoo Clocks !

I Specialize in Cuckoo Clock Repair...

Cuckoo clocks are my specialty. I do all types of cuckoo clock repair services including:

  • Cleaning and Oiling
  • Repairs
  • Music Box Repairs
  • Animation Repairs
  • Complete Overhauls
  • Movement Replacements
  • Bellows Tops Repaired
Each clock is disassembled and inspected. The movement is taken apart and each part is inspected as well. The clock is inspected for wear and other defects that cause problems.

The clock and it's components are ultrasonically cleaned to remove all the old dirt and oil. Repairs are made to return the clock to good running condition then re-assembled, oiled and re-installed into the case.

Each clock is setup to strike, chime and run at peak performance. It is test run to ensure everything is operating properly before return shipping to you.

If the clock needs new belows or other parts it will be repaired along with the rest of the clock. The clock receives a complete makeover.
Your clock will be:

  • Inspected for wear and faults
  • ultrasonically cleaned and oiled
  • bushings and pivots reconditioned
  • music box overhauls
  • Dancing platforms cleaned and oiled
  • Setup to run and strike properly
  • test run to ensure a quality repair

Contact me if you have any questions about a clock you want repaired.
  1. Dancers and Music
    I repair clocks with dancers and music. Music boxes are overhauled just like the clock movement. Most music boxes will require a new governor unit to complete the overhaul. There is an additional charge for this part.
  2. 2 or 3 Weight Clock Repair
    The basic 2 weight traditional clock is always welcome. Any clock is worth fixing when it holds fond memories but I also repair clocks with music and other animation. Your music box will be overhauled as part of the service being done.
  3. New or Old
    I can work on both new clocks and antiques. Anything made after WWII is considered newer.
  4. Animation
    I repair clocks with animation such as woodcutters, choppers, beer drinkers, water wheels etc.
  5. Movements
    I repair movements sent to me for repairs. I will perform all the work required on them and return ship them ready to be reinstalled in your clock.
  6. That's One Tired Bird
    A cuckoo clock cuckoos about 65,000 times in one year.